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Becoming a Dominican is a deepening of one's discipleship in the Word of God. It is a response to a call to live interdependently in the context of the Dominican Family and the world.


As Dominicans sisters, we contemplate the Word of God in prayer, integrate it into every aspect of our life, and preach it to the world.

Learn what it means to be a Sister of Saint Dominic.

 What is it like to be a Sister of Saint Dominic?


You are living the Dominican Mission - As Sister of Saint Dominic, your life will be shaped by the Four Pillars of Dominican Tradition: Prayer, Study, Preaching/Ministry and Common Life. 

You are part of a lifetime community - You will live out this tradition with the support of a community full of women of faith. Within the congregation, you will have opportunities for service, ministry, vocation, justice, and even leadership.


You are a Preacher of Truth - Preaching is at the heart of our lives as Sisters of Saint Dominic. Sisters preach in traditional ways by fulfilling prayer requests and publishing scripture reflections, but also by working to heighten awareness and dedicate support to people who are poor and marginalized. Today, professed Sisters and Associates minister in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Florida, and Oregon. We are actively involved in education at all levels including colleges, secondary and elementary schools, and special education programs for the multi-handicapped. Our ministries include social service programs for the developmentally disabled, services for children in foster care (including adoption services), programs for migrant children, shelters for homeless adults and children, housing services for persons with HIV/AIDS, programs for the mentally ill and chemically addicted, and health care services for the poor. We also minister in community outreach programs that provide advocacy, ESL, literacy, and job training. We are active in social justice activities, catechetical programs, retreat work, prayer ministry, pastoral work in parishes, prisons, and hospitals, and Congregational services. 

You are building a legacy that will be remembered - Through your lifetime of service as a Sister of Saint Dominic, you will build a legacy that will forever be remembered. We are grateful for all of our sisters and those who support us.

Read on to find out more about the ministries of our sisters.

Our sisters bring God’s mercy and compassion to those who need it in

a variety of ways.

Following in the footsteps of Blauvelt Foundress Mother Mary Ann Sammon, the Sisters provide family services for those in need.

One example of this is The House on the Hill Migrant Child Care Center in Goshen, New York, a day care for children of migrant workers, where Sisters Jean and Mary Caritas currently minister. The Dominican Sisters of Blauvelt, along with Dominican College students, volunteers, and the NYS Department of Agriculture and Market, opened this center in 1972. The House on the Hill is a part of the network of Agri-Business Child Development centers. 

Sisters in Family Services Ministry

  • The Day Care and the Universal Pre-Kindergarten of the Tolentine Zeiser Community Life Center  - Sisters Margaret and Patsy

  • Downeyside Development – Sister Liz

  • Dwelling Place – Sister Patricia

  • Siena House - Sisters Mary Doris, Lauria, Cecelia, Maureen and Ann

  • St. Dominic’s Home – Sister Joan

Over time, our mission has expanded from Mother Mary Ann's initial purpose. Nowadays, many sisters serve in education.  


In fact, the Sisters of Saint Dominic of Blauvelt, New York founded Dominican College in Blauvelt to serve just this purpose. Dominican College is an institution of higher learning, Catholic in origin and heritage. Sisters Bernadette, Barbara, Kathleen, Mary Eileen, and Ursula minister there. The aim of the school is to promote educational excellence, leadership, and service in an environment characterized by respect for the community and its needs. To learn more about Dominican College, visit their website

The sisters minister in other Catholic and public elementary, middle, and high schools, and at colleges and universities around the country.

Sisters in Educational Ministry

  • Catapult Learning – Sister James Patrick

  • Christ the King School – Sister Evelyn

  • De la Salle Academy - Sister Mary Theresa

  • Felix Festa Middle School - Sister Theresa

  • Holy Cross School - Sister Joan Marie

  • Metropolitan College of NY – Sister Ceil

  • School Sisters of Notre Dame – Sister Arlene

  • St. Anthony School – Sister Patricia

  • St. Luke's School - Sisters Grace Augustine and Ann

  • St. Pius V Parish & School, RI - Sister Shirley

  • St. Raymond Academy - Sisters Diane and Gertrude

  • University of Portland - Sister Kathleen

  • Yale University - Sister Jenn


Equally popular ministry sites for our sisters are places of worship.

  • Annunciation/OL Fatima Church - Sister Catherine

  • Archdiocese of NY - Sister Alice 

  • Catechesis, Assumption Parish  - Sister Dominic Marie

  • Emmaus House - Sister Ruth

  • Prayerful Art center – Sister James Bridget

  • Incarnation Church – Sister Monica Paul

  • Marymount Convent – Sister Carol

  • The Sisters of Saint Dominic of Blauvelt, New York – Leadership Team (Sisters Michaela, Mary Ann, Mary, and Ellenrita) as well as Sisters Joan, Sonia, Margaret, Noreen, and Geraldine

  • St. Augustine Parish – Sister Dorothy

  • St. Charles Parish – Sister Jeanine

  • St. Gabriel Parish/Margaret of Cortona – Sister Amadeus

  • St. John the Baptist Parish – Sister Mary

  • St. Nicholas of Tolentine Convent – Sister Bernadette Marie

Our sisters also carry out the Dominican mission by serving as volunteers or board members for charitable, Catholic organizations.

Many of our Sisters minster at the Tolentine Zeiser Community Life Center, which is the umbrella organization for Day Care, Universal Pre-Kindergarten, Siena House, St. Rita’s Immigration Center, Paradise Transitional Housing, Susan’s Place, and the Sammon Build Center. Sister Margaret McDermott is the Executive Director of the Tolentine Zeiser Community Life Center. To learn more, visit their website.

Other Sites of Catholic Charity Ministry

  • Friends of St. Dominic – Sister Margaret

  • Hudson Valley Catholic Deaf Center – Sister Barbara Anne

  • Tolentine Zeiser  Community Life Center

  • RENEW International – Sister Terry

Some sisters choose to advocate for important social, environmental, and economic causes.

  • Empowerment Center – Sister Ellenrita

  • Dominican Sisters in Committed Collaboration (OPSCC) – Sister Didi

Finally, the Sisters of Saint Dominic spread God’s love through health care ministry.  Many of the sisters help in the Motherhouse infirmary, while others serve outside of the convent.

  • Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center - Sister Mary Theresa

  • Dominican Sisters Family Health Service - Sister Jo-Anne

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