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Congregation Spotlight: Sr. Diane Forrest, OP

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

By Katie Beckmann Mahon, Communications Manager

Throughout her life, Sr. Diane Forrest, OP, has used her many talents to teach young people she has come across at her ministries.

Presently, Sr. Diane ministers as a Tutor in the Academic Success Center (ASC) and an Adjunct Professor in the English Department at Dominican College.

Sr. Diane Forrest, OP
Sr. Diane Forrest, OP

In her ministry, Sr. Diane tutors students to help them improve their writing, study, organizational, and research skills. She also assists faculty with labs and has hosted workshops on time management and MLA citations for papers.

Outside of her ministry in the ASC, Sr. Diane teaches English 119, a course that helps students understand the writing process of essays and research papers.

Whether she is in the classroom or ASC, one of the things that Sr. Diane enjoys most about her ministry is seeing the growth of her students.

Sr. Diane shared, “Seeing kids come here and how good they feel when you help them improve their writing is so special. My ministry is about helping kids get stronger because they have been writing their whole lives and when they get here, college is a whole different level of writing. I often tell my students that we can make you a better writer and if you work hard and stick with it, you will become a better writer.”

Sisters Ursula McGovern and Diane Forrest
Sisters Ursula McGovern and Diane Forrest

Along with improving their writing skills, one way that Sr. Diane hopes to impact her students is by helping them embrace the Dominican College community and take advantage of all of the resources that the college has for them.

“There’s a great structure here at Dominican College, and it’s such a wonderful place. I often tell students to make use of all of the help that is here for you. There are so many resources available. All of the faculty and staff want to help students become stronger academically and succeed.”

The community and environment at Dominican College is something that has always meant a lot to Sr. Diane.

During the 1990s, Sr. Diane first ministered at Dominican College for five years as a Tutor in the Learning Resource Center and also taught a course in Religious Studies.

Sr. Diane then went on to minister as a Clinical Social Worker, as well as teach at Saint Nicholas of Tolentine (Bronx, NY), Saint Raymond High School (Bronx, NY), Saint Pius V School (Bronx, NY), and Father Lopez High School (Daytona Beach, FL).

After her time spent at other ministries, Sr. Diane feels ‘delighted’ to be back at Dominican College.

“I’m dedicated to the mission here at Dominican College and believe that all of our students should get a fair shot to take themselves to a better place.”

The mission of Dominican College is very meaningful to Sr. Diane as it shares many similar values of her congregation, the Sisters of Saint Dominic of Blauvelt, New York.

The mission and values of our congregation that are shared by the college community are one of the many reasons I am so proud of Dominican College. Many of our sisters have graduated, taught, or ministered here and it’s a great source of pride to know that we have contributed here. Several sisters have dedicated their entire ministries to Dominican College and it’s special to see them succeed and benefit the entire college community.”


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