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National Women Physicians Day

By Katie Beckmann Mahon, Communications Manager

Yesterday, February 3rd, marked National Women Physicians Day.

This annual observance celebrates how women have influenced and enhanced the practice of medicine and the 200th birthday of Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell, the first woman to obtain a medical degree in the United States. (1)

Sr. Mary Flood, OP
Sr. Mary Flood, OP

For the Sisters of Saint Dominic of Blauvelt, New York, this day is significant as we recognize the efforts of Leadership Team member Sr. Mary Flood, OP, a physician and infectious-disease specialist at New York-Presbyterian Hospital.

Throughout the past year, Sr. Mary has used her expertise to protect the sisters within the congregation, especially those living at the Motherhouse, from the deadly pandemic threat.

Many of her fellow sisters, as well as national media outlets, have publicly recognized her efforts.

"When the COVID-19 threat emerged, she was instrumental in developing a protocol here at the Motherhouse to ensure safe practices were in place. All who live here are in a high-risk category," shared Sr. Diane Forrest, OP. (2)

Sr. Michaela Connolly, OP, praised Sr. Mary and noted, "She is tireless in her care and concern for our sisters. Sr. Mary's presence among us all through her years as one of us, but especially during this time of the pandemic." (3)

In September 2020, Global Sisters Report featured Sr. Mary in their Saints Next Door series.

In her interview, Sr. Mary shared how being a Women Religious benefits her ministry as a physician.

"When you treat people with dignity and respect, people generally recognize your sincerity and appreciate it no matter what your religion. In fact, I think patients expect physicians with a 'religious' background to be compassionate and wanting to help them." (3)


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