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How to Help the Sri Lanka Victims

By Joanna George

While people throughout the world celebrated the resurrection of Jesus on Easter Sunday, the people of Sri Lanka suffered a horrific terror attack. Multiple bombings at crowded churches and hotels killed over 300 people and hospitalized 500. (1)

How to Help the Sri Lanka Victims

Even though Sri Lanka is over 8,700 miles away, you can still help survivors, victims, and their loved ones in these ways.

  • Make a Monetary Donation – Sites like provide multiple opportunities to donate to campaigns that are helping survivors, rebuilding churches and other areas that have been damaged by the bombings, as well as providing aid to the families of the victims. (2)

  • Make an In-Kind Donation – Supporting organizations like Kind Hearted Lankans will directly impact survivors who are at hospitals that need temporary bedding, sanitary products, and other items. (3)

  • Donate Blood – Hospitals that are currently treating the terror attack survivors are lacking blood reserves. The National Blood Bank is collecting blood from all over the world to help out these hospitals.

  • Volunteer – Organizations such as IVHQ, Go Overseas, and others allow volunteers to give back and serve areas that have been damaged.

  • Raise Awareness - What happened at Sri Lanka is devastating for the entire world, especially the Christian and Catholic communities. Talking about this with others and online is important to do as it will help others know that they are not alone and that their faith is stronger than any terrorist attack.

Joanna George is a senior at Tappan Zee High School and completing her Senior Seminar Internship project with the Sisters of Saint Dominic of Blauvelt, New York.


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