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Embracing Faith Through Prayer: World Cancer Day

By Katie Beckmann, Communications Manager

In this week's "Embracing Faith" article, we will focus on Embracing Faith Through Prayer.

World Cancer Day

Across the world, 17 people die every minute from cancer. (1)

Whether you are a cancer survivor or know someone who is, or have lost a loved one to it, in one way or another, everyone has a connection to this horrific disease.

Throughout the year, many individuals and organizations raise awareness about cancer, as well as ways to prevent, detect, and treat it.

February 4th is World Cancer Day, a day where advocates raise cancer awareness through events and social media.

World Cancer Day

One way, you can raise awareness for World Cancer Day is with prayer.

St. Jude Prayer for the Healing of Cancer (2)

God of healing mercy,

in Jesus your Son

you stretch out your hand in compassion,

restoring the sinner, healing the sick,

and lifting up those bowed down.

Embrace us now in your loving care,

particularly those afflicted with cancer,

for whom this intention is offered.

May the Spirit of Jesus

bring us all health in soul and body,

that with joy and thanksgiving

we may praise you for your goodness,

through the same Jesus Christ our Lord.


If you would like to request a prayer from our Sisters for a loved one, you can do so here.


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