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Let us Lean In Towards The Light this Advent season.


Loving and Compassionate God,

I come to you seeking healing and freedom.

I sometimes feel invisible, overwhelmed, and drained of energy.

Like the hemorrhaging woman we meet in the Gospels,

give me the grace and courage,

to reach out to your son Jesus, the light of the world.

Help me to lean in toward the light and spread that healing light to others.

Open my heart to hear Jesus say to me:

“My daughter, your faith is the source of your healing.

Be free and go in peace.”

I believe in Christ’s power to heal me, our suffering world,

and our common home, the Earth. Amen.

Theresa Rickard, OP


There is a piece of light in all of us,

maybe hidden or buried with pain,

perhaps pushed in the corner by shame.

It is there in the arrogant, the hateful, racists, torturers, and abusers,

and ones who are willing to kill.

Seen or unseen, the light is there,

ready to kindle, eager to expand,

refusing to be tightly contained.

As soon as the tiniest space is allowed

it quickly emerges, floods outward,

illuminating the darkest of places.

One single candle lights a little dark space.

Many candles light a world full of people

desperately in need of each other’s glow.

Each lone light makes us stronger

when we all stand together.

Joyce Rupp, OSM


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