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We Have Family in Myanmar

By Katie Mahon, Communications Manager

We Have Family in Myanmar
We Have Family in Myanmar

The month of December is a meaningful time for Dominicans around the world.

Besides celebrating the Advent season and preparing for Christmas and the New Year, the Dominican Family observes the Dominican Month of Peace.

The Dominican Month of Peace is an annual observance that was first initiated by the Master of the Order to show solidarity with Dominicans who promote peace in areas of the world struggling with violence and war.

In 2022, the world has seen more war, violence, and division than many have seen in a lifetime.

This year, the Dominican Month of Peace is raising awareness about our Dominican Family in Myanmar.

While the entire world has been focused on the war in Ukraine, the Civil War in Myanmar is often an afterthought.

Since February 2021, Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, has been in complete chaos. Civil war first broke out when its armed forces removed its civilian government. Since then, massive countrywide protests have decimated the country’s economy and public institutions. The United Nations estimates that by 2023, nearly 1.4 million displaced people in Myanmar could need protection and humanitarian aid. (1)

Even with all this uncertainty, Dominican Friars and Nuns continue to minister and promote peace in the country.

There are presently two communities of Dominican Sisters in Myanmar, one being in Yangon, an area where an alarming amount of violence has occurred. (2)

To learn more about the Dominican Month of Peace and the Dominicans in Myanmar, click here.


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