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A Summer Prayer

As we enter into the restful season of summer, we pray that you, our loving God, will warm our souls with the awareness of Your presence. Light our paths with your word and counsel. As we enjoy Your creation create in us a pure heart and a hunger and thirst for you, giver of all good gifts and Creator or splendor and glory.  A Summer Prayer By Joyce Rupp

May you breathe in the beauty of summer with its power of transformation. May this beauty permeate all that feels un-beautiful in you.  May the God of summer give us beauty. 

May you seek and find spaces of repose during these summer months. May these moments refresh and restore the tired places within you.

May the God of summer give us rest.

May you be open to times of celebration and recreation that are so much a part of summer. May you find happiness in these times of play and leisure.

May the God of summer give us joy.

May your eyes see the wonders of summer's colors. May these colors delight you and entice you into contemplation and joy.

May the God of summer give us inner light.

May you feel energy of summer rains penetrating thirsty gardens, golf courses, lawns and farmlands. May these rains remind you that your inner thirst needs quenching.  May your inner self be refreshed, restored, and renewed. May the God of summer give us what we need for healing.

May you savor fresh produce that comes to your table and enjoy the fruits of summer's bounty.

May the God of summer give us a sense of satisfaction in the works of our hands.

May you find shelter when the stormy skies of summer threaten your safety.

May the God of summer give us shelter when inner storms threaten our peace of mind and heart.

May you enjoy the unexpected and find surprises of beauty and happiness as you travel the roads on summer vacation.

May the God of summer lead us to amazing discoveries as we travel the inner roads of our soul as well. 


To learn more about Joyce Rupp, visit her website .


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