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Scripture Reflection - June 26, 2016

Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time Luke 9 : 51-62

“… and they would not welcome Him because the destination of his journey was Jerusalem.”

The life of Jesus was a separation from the Trinity, birth in a temporary shelter, flight to a foreign country for safety, a somewhat stable youth, a teaching and healing career, and death by execution. Throughout this life He acquired many titles, and with further insight REFUGEE could be added to the list.

This week the UN shined the spotlight on refugees. As we ponder the life of Jesus, the rejected are forced to live from place to place.  Over 65 million human beings have been seeking safety away from their homes or homeland.  This translates to 1 of every 113 humans on the planet is either refugee, internally displaced or seeking asylum.  A dark picture, indeed, but beyond that these people most likely carry the grief of loved ones tortured or killed in their presence before fleeing.

Last week He asked us: “Who do you say I am?”  Our understanding of who He was and what He taught deepens each time the gospel is proclaimed.  He came from a God of love into a world of the powerful/powerless, the lovers/haters, the gatherers/separators.  Jesus was sent so that all could be strengthened and given hope.

If Jesus were to teach to us today, would he not be telling us what his successor, Pope Francis is preaching?  We have to be people of mercy and continue to reach out to those in need.  In this day and age, it is possible that we ourselves could be  forced to flee or martyred at the hands of some hatefilled person or group.  We all came into the world and will leave it somehow and in someway.

Let us all sing our prayer to end violence and the refugee crisis with one voice.


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