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Dominican Sisters of Blauvelt Honor Orangetown Police Department With Prayer

Updated: Jun 28, 2018

Dominican Sisters of Blauvelt Honor Orangetown Police Department With Prayer

​​BLAUVELT, NY (12/21/2016) – On Friday, December 16th, the Dominican Sisters of Blauvelt welcomed Chief Kevin Nulty, Sergeant Michael Boysa, and Captain Donald Butterworth of the Orangetown Police Department to St. Dominic’s Convent.​

Blauvelt Dominican Sister Loretta Lynch, along with President, Sister Catherine Howard, presented the Police Officers with St. Michael The Archangel Prayer Cards for all of the Police Officers in the Orangetown Police Department.

On the each Prayer Card, there is a photo and prayer of St. Michael The Archangel, along with the name of an Orangetown Police Department Officer and a Blauvelt Dominican Sister who is praying for that Officer.

Sister Loretta Lynch said “Last Friday; I was grateful to stand with the Dominican Sisters of Blauvelt and honor our Orangetown Police Officers by assuring them of our prayers that St. Michael the Archangel will continue to guide and protect them in the line of duty. Thank you to Chief Nulty, Sergeant Boysa, and Captain Butterworth for visiting the Motherhouse and spending time with our Sisters. We truly are grateful for your service.”

Fellow Blauvelt Dominican Sister Theresa Lynch added, “At Christmas time, we wanted to show our appreciation for all that the Orangetown Police Department has done for our community.”

The Dominican Sisters of Blauvelt is a religious congregation in Blauvelt, New York  committed to bringing hope to those who need it the most through programs and advocacy. For more information visit or contact Katie Beckmann at (845) 359-7327 or by ​e-mail at  


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