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Congregation Spotlight: Sister Gertrude Simpson, OP

By Katie Beckmann, Communications Manager

The impact of a Catholic school education on a student in New York City cannot be measured.

St. Raymond Academy for Girls
St. Raymond Academy for Girls

From providing a safe and supportive environment, to learning, to making new friends, to growing as a person and focusing on religious values, schools like Saint Raymond Academy for Girls in the Bronx have helped to develop and shape many young women.

Along with their high academic standards, Saint Raymond Academy for Girls has always installed strong Catholic values into their students influenced by their relationship with the Sisters of Charity of New York and the Sisters of Saint Dominic of Blauvelt, New York.

Sister Gertrude Simpson, OP
Sister Gertrude Simpson, OP

Throughout the years, Sisters and Associates have ministered at Saint Raymond Academy for Girls, including Sisters Gertrude Simpson, Michaela Connolly, Diane Forrest, the late Sister Ann Connolly, and Associate Peggy Roach.

Presently, Sister Gertrude and Peggy Roach minister at Saint Raymond Academy, as a volunteer and Dean of Students, respectively.

Sister Gertrude, who has spent the past 16 years at Saint Raymond Academy ministering as a teacher of theology and volunteer, helps out where needed within the school. From facilitating testing for students, to writing grants, to working on development initiatives, Sister Gertrude’s ministry role has not slowed down after her retirement from teaching.

Sister Gertrude Simpson, OP, and Associate Peggy Roach
Sister Gertrude Simpson, OP, and Associate Peggy Roach

“After retiring, Sister Gertrude returned to volunteer at the school, and she’s been so stable for the community. She has such a quiet, faithful, and consistent presence,” shared Peggy Roach.

In 2018, Sister Gertrude was recognized at Saint Raymond Academy for Girls’ 8th Annual Academy Benefit for her 60 plus years of ministry in education.

Before coming to Saint Raymond Academy, Sister Gertrude ministered at Our Lady of Assumption and St. Philip and James in the Bronx, as well as St. Charles in Staten Island.

Each of these ministries has provided a lifetime of fulfilling memories for Sister Gertrude.

“My greatest enjoyment has been teaching and being around the people in my ministries,” commented Sister Gertrude. “Being able to affect a student’s future has been exciting, and I hope that I have made somebody’s life a little richer.”


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