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Scripture Reflection - November 27, 2016



“Come; let us go to the mountain of the Lord... that He may teach us His ways and we may walk in His paths.”

With immense joy and hopeful expectation, today we begin our journey of preparation for the coming of our Lord through this Advent season. How are we being invited to prepare in the midst of our busy-ness and in our world where the scope of upheaval can be overwhelming? The prophet Isaiah summons us to “go to the mountain of the Lord that He may teach us His ways”. What do we consider the mountain of the Lord for us in this time? What can I see in the mountain of the Lord? What do I hear there?

Our life in a society of consumerism is not always easy or smooth. We encounter all sorts of perils, be it natural or human–made disasters, conflicts and divisions, and sometimes grave injustices to be borne in silence. Conscious of our interconnectedness in this One Web of Life, I cannot be remiss of the sufferings of our broken world. At such times when I feel overwhelmed, my restless being need strength and I seek it in the mountain of the Lord where I unite with the Source of Being who looms within the depths of my soul. I go home to the Indwelling God within, home to the wonders of a God of love and harmony who envisioned more for us than what we now experience. I flow toward the great mountain, that sacred space and time where I am affirmed of the goodness of God. 

The mountain of the Lord—God’s words and God’s will. It is by meditating on the words of God, embracing them and allowing them to illumine our life that we enable ourselves to enter more deeply into that active cooperation with the works of the Holy Spirit. When we are fully and whole-heartedly united with the will of God, we can be conscious of how our energies affect the whole systems of life. We can find our innate goodness spontaneously endeavor to generate a life-giving energy towards all.

Ilia Delio, OSF, said that “Jesus is the Whole Maker who restores to health, shows compassion, reconciles. Salvation is to heal and make whole”. In this time when our world seems to be fraught with insecurity and distress, we are all called to be whole makers, allowing the grace within to flow to all of creation, people, places and our Mother Earth; to flow forth in compassion, mercy, forgiveness and healing to ourselves, to those who are suffering and to all whom we encounter in our daily life. The fullness of life or the Kindom of God is promised to us yet, it is our responsibility to make it a reality in the here and now. Isaiah invites us to awaken our hearts to the ways of God and to respond radically in and through our daily life. Advent points us towards home where the hope of genuine love and peace reigns. Thus, we can say with the ancient visionary, “Let us finally walk in the light of God!”


What does the mountain of the Lord signify for me? What can I take from it?

Am I going home to the source of my being in times of trouble?

How can I be a whole maker, allowing God’s grace within to flow forth in compassion, healing, forgiveness, and mercy to myself, to those with whom I live and work with, and to the suffering world?


Enveloped in Your Light, may I be a beacon to those in search light. Sheltered in Your Peace, may I offer shelter to those in need of peace. Embraced by Your Presence, so may I be present to others. (Rabbi Rami Shapiro)

Kindle The Fire : Advent Preaching By Dominican Women Afire


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