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Scripture Reflection - May 28, 2017

Acts of the Apostles 1:12-14      1 Peter 4:13-16              John 17:1-11

Eleven disciples return to the upper room, after the Lord is lifted up to heaven. An awesome event separates them from the Son of Man. Ordinary men are called, by the Messiah, to become proclaimers of the Kingdom. They gather with Mary to pray and to reflect.

Peter extols the suffering of Christians as they witness within a pagan society. Witness, in Greek means martyr. Peter urges them to seek the Spirit of Glory, rather than self-aggrandizement. It is tempting to do so. Selfless service stands in sharp contrast, to the self-serving. Safety is at risk as one stands against the tide of adverse values and cultural mores.

John startles us by stating the eternal bond of purpose between the Father and the Son. Jesus referred to it often saying, “I have come to do my Father’s will.” Their mutual recognition enshrines the truth of mutual divinity. Jesus’ prayer is not for the world. He prays for all who have humbly understood the sovereignty of the Father and the Son, in which the Father is pleased.


Lord, help us to reflect upon the life and hope you came to share with humanity. Guide us as we try to share your goodness and mercy, with all.


Joanne Roda, Associate


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