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Scripture Reflection - July 3, 2016

LK 10 : 1-9 "I am sending you like lambs among wolves."

Jesus sent his disciples on a difficult and risky mission. They were to go to new places and bring the message of peace to strangers. Not only that, they were to depend upon the hospitality of these strangers. Jesus sent them out completely vulnerable, armed with nothing, protected by no one, sustained only by the strength of their faith, and their belief in their message.

Peace, inclusiveness, and compassion are ideals that I hold dear, as did the disciples. Yet, I lack the strength to consistently relay these messages. At a dinner table when topics like “immigration” come up, my first feeling is discomfort. Will my dinner companions be open and interested in discussing solutions? Will some be rigid and fearful of refugees? Will I be heard or will my words bounce off the hard shells of hatred and anger? Jesus’ words provide the answers. If I meet peace-loving people, spend time with them, share meals and participate in actions that promote peace. If I encounter anger and fear, and I am unable to dent the armor of bigotry and self-centeredness, shake the dust from my shoes and move on. I alone do not have to solve big problems. I just have to pray for the right words and add a gentle voice, pray for the right actions and lend a compassionate hand.

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace.

Imelda Sobiloff, Associate 


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