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Scripture Reflection - January 30, 2022

Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Sisters of Saint Dominic of Blauvelt, New York Scripture Reflection

The introduction to the readings for today tells us that “St. Paul did not write letters to far-flung Christian Communities just to keep in touch. No, he sent letters because debates, disagreements, and outright divisions had broken out among its members. Disagreements were to be expected, but divisions were dangerous and distressing.”

Thomas Reese tells us in his article, “We need to talk,” that, “Our divisions are deep on issues like racism and economic inequality, as well as on education, cultural values, and lifestyles. There are divides between young and old, between urban and rural, between men and women. We do not listen to the same music or the same news programs. While our pluralism is one of our greatest strengths, it is also a challenge to our national unity.”

Sadly today, not only is our country divided, but our church is, as well. The Laity are divided, but so are religious, bishops, and priests. Debates and disagreements are expected, but divisions are dangerous and distressing.

These are indeed challenging times for all, particularly for parents of school-age children.

Should we send the children to school or keep them home?

Should we encourage our children to play sports or not?

Should we get our children vaccinated?

How many times should we have children tested?

Should we comply with mandated mask-wearing?

How do we decide what to do? Who do we listen to?

In troubling times such as these, we are encouraged to turn to wisdom figures such as St. Paul to listen and ponder.

Paul reminds us that love never fails. Love is patient. Love is kind. Love rejoices in the truth. Love never fails.

What wisdom figures do you turn to in these times to listen to and ponder?

By Sr. Ellenrita Purcaro, OP


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