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Scripture Reflection - August 6, 2017

Updated: Jun 27, 2018

Feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord

Have you ever wondered what the transfigured Christ looked like to Peter, James, and John?  I have.  During June of this year, there were several days when the sky was a brilliant, picture perfect blue and the clouds were sprinkled about, some of which were topped with puffs which appeared whiter than white… yet some fail to see God’s presence among us!  Was this not an image of transfiguration, a radiance bursting from within?

In our first reading, Daniel relates a vision in which he visits the “Ancient One” who sets upon a throne of flaming fire.  A stream of fire (or the passion of love) flows from the mighty one and surges over the multitude ministering to him.  Then one like a Son comes before the Ancient One and receives dominion which is everlasting.  Is this not a vision of things yet to come?

Our Responsorial Psalm proclaims, “The Lord is King, the most high over all the earth.”  Since all things flow from the wisdom and love of God, and our faith assures us that God is in charge, it makes sense that we acknowledge God’s greatness.  We know the story of the Red Sea and how the waters parted and dry land appeared, so why not proclaim, “mountains will melt like wax before the Lord.”

Our second reading is from the writings of Peter, one of those chosen to witness Christ’s transfiguration.  In today’s section, Peter proclaims, “we had been eyewitnesses of this majesty… that unique declaration came to him from majestic glory…”Peter could never have invented such a story, it had to have happened, and Peter admonishes all “You will do well to be attentive to it.”  How awesome this experience must have been.

The timing of transfiguration couldn’t have been better.  The three apostles had followed Jesus, have been a part of his ministry, have seen his works, but soon they see him die on a cross.  Before that happens, God, in a master plan allows the three to see Jesus, the eternal me, chat with Moses, the symbol of Jewish law, and Elijah, the example of all prophets, since Jesus is the fulfillment of the Law; He is the one foretold by the prophets. May we have the grace and the courage to see Him in nature, to listen to Him when He speaks to us, and to follow Him along the path of life.

Sister Miriam Catherine Nevins, O.P.


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