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Scripture Reflection - August 14, 2016

Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time Jeremiah 38 :4-6, 8-10 Hebrews 12 :1-4, Luke 12 :49-53

Today’s Gospel is somewhat disturbing with its delivery of resistance and division to Jesus’ message of justice and peace, respect for all people and dedication to faithful worship of a righteous God. ​

This message was not welcomed by many in the past and is not welcome today by some, even in our age of enlightened tolerance towards all people. The oppositions and division continues as a theme found in the other two readings of the day.

Resistance to the most beautiful promise of all, Gods’ promise of Eternal love with Him in Heaven, to those who are faithful to His teachings. Jesus, also speaks to us of the prophets who were fearless in speaking the truth, even when they knew it would be hard for their listeners to accept their message.

If we in turn, do not seek or desire division in our world, we can through our words and deeds, our friendly and generous treatment of all, by showing our love of God, in this way we can get people to accept God’s invitation to eternal life in Him.

The readings of today, however, in essence, give us a pause to reflect on a prayerful examination of our own life of faith.

Do we respond in that faith, freely to God?

Do we recognize that we exist in a world where there is a battle of temptations, the desire to do good or a desire to do evil?

The word of God calls us today to be courageous like Jeremiah to condemn the ills of our time and proclaim the Good News of salvation.

Sister Bridget Mary Troy, O.P.           


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