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Dominican Sisters of Blauvelt Stand with Muslims, Refugees, and Immigrants

Updated: Jun 28, 2018

Dominican Sisters of Blauvelt Stand with Muslims, Refugees, and Immigrants

BLAUVELT, NY (2/21/2017) - The Dominican Sisters of Blauvelt closed their weekend Chapter meeting with a demonstration of solidarity by the sisters and associates with our Muslim, Immigrant, and Refugee sisters and brothers. 

In 2011, in collaboration with the Dominican Sisters of Amityville, Caldwell, Hope and Sparkill, the Dominican Sisters of Blauvelt publicly committed to support a comprehensive and compassionate immigration law that recognizes the human situation of separated families and the oppressive living conditions that force people to migrate.

“Our expanding awareness of our place in the universe deepens our appreciation of the truth that we are inhabitants of one planet, Earth, where we all belong, whatever our religion, ethnicity, or sexuality,” said Sr. Ceil Lavan, Justice Coordinator for the congregation. 

Sister went on to explain, “Our Christian faith demands that we love one another and treat others as we want to be treated. That means all people – no one excluded!  

The Gospel of Jesus, Catholic Social Teaching, the Leadership Conference of Women Religious and the international Dominican Justice Agenda, are in accord with our proclamation of the words of Pope Francis, “THERE IS ONLY ONE CERTAINTY THAT WE HAVE FOR ALL: WE ARE ALL CHILDREN OF GOD.”

The Dominican sisters and associates call our country to live this truth: we are one people - we all belong.

The Dominican Sisters of Blauvelt is a religious congregation in Blauvelt, New York  committed to bringing hope to those who need it the most through programs and advocacy. For more information visit or contact Katie Beckmann at (845) 359-7327 or by e-mail at  


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