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Sr. Jeanine Conlon Supports Our Veterans

By Katie Mahon, Communications Manager

Sr. Jeanine Conlon, OP
Sr. Jeanine Conlon, OP

Since 1965, Sr. Jeanine Conlon, OP, has had an active presence at St. Charles Parish and throughout the entire borough of Staten Island.

From teaching all ages at St. Charles School to ministering as a Principal for 30 years, and now, a Pastoral Associate, Sr. Jeanine has been an integral part of the community.

Even with restrictions brought on by the pandemic, Sr. Jeanine, a Sister of Saint Dominic of Blauvelt, New York, has continued her service to the Staten Island community through prayer shawl ministry.

For over two years, Sr. Jeanine has spent most days crocheting, using red, white, and blue yarn to make lap rugs to give veterans.

“It’s really great therapy, let me tell you,” shared Sr. Jeanine. “I started this with the club, it was a nice thing to do, and when COVID came, I kept crocheting, and it kept growing.”

The patriotic lap rugs are often given to veterans in wheelchairs and going through chemotherapy and dialysis in Veteran Hospitals, local VFW organizations, and St. Charles Parish.

Along with the lap rugs, Sr. Jeanine buys novelty items such as flags and other valuable items to give to the veterans, many of whom served in Vietnam.

“This is my way of saying thank you to them.”

Sr. Jeanine plans on continuing with her prayer shawl ministry to benefit veterans and has no plan on stopping.

“This is my way to show my appreciation for them for giving us life today. I mean, they were young kids when they served our country, and they gave us the freedom we enjoy today. We should never forget them.”


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