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Congregation Spotlight: Eileen Foti, Associate

By Katie Beckmann Mahon, Communications Manager

For Eileen Foti, an Associate of the Sisters of Saint Dominic of Blauvelt, New York, 2020 has been a year of pause and prayer.

Like many others, Eileen has had to significantly shift her daily responsibilities and activities to deal with the COVID-19 fallout.

Eileen Foti, Associate
Eileen Foti, Associate

Besides not being able to frequent restaurants and other small businesses, Eileen and her husband Charlie have utilized technology to watch weekly masses online.

Another shift that came for Eileen was not being able to minister at the Motherhouse switchboard for several months.

With each of these pauses came a great deal of prayer for Eileen.

“I pray for a vaccine and that it will be safe and effective for all of us. I pray that not many more chairs will be empty at dinnertime. I pray that the hospital beds will all be empty, and if a person dies, he/she can have the comfort of their family by their side. I pray for everyone each night, and for the return of health all around the world,” shared Eileen.

With this prayer and pause came a great deal of admiration for first responders and essential workers.

“I am in awe of all the doctors, nurses, technicians, cleaners, ambulance drivers, police, and everyone involved in treating the sick. Not only are they trying to save lives, but they are trying to stay healthy and not bring the virus home to their families. Many times they held the hands of the dying and tried to ease their pain.”

Sr. Joan Smith, OP, and Eileen Foti
Sr. Joan Smith, OP, and Eileen Foti

Fortunately for Eileen, no one in her immediate family and friends groups have been affected by COVID-19, but even so, she remains hopeful that this year can be a time where we all can find unity.

“We must all remember; we are one world, no matter our views, our likes or dislikes, as we much come together and fight for each other. We must pray for a cure, a vaccine, for peace among all people. We must go with science and have faith that we will someday come out of this terrible time. We must come out of this hole, but not forgetting the loved ones lost, and the brave people who have lost family members, and through time and prayer, become survivors.”


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