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Associate Eileen Foti Publishes New Book

By Katie Beckmann Mahon, Communications Manager

Associate Eileen Foti with her new book, Bunny and the Rainbow
Associate Eileen Foti with her new book, Bunny and the Rainbow

Eileen Foti is a woman of many talents.

She is a brilliant artist, illustrator, photographer, as well as a wife, mother, grandmother, and Associate for the Sisters of Saint Dominic of Blauvelt, New York. She is a highly decorated author.

Eileen, who frequently volunteers at the Motherhouse, recently published a new children’s book, Bunny and the Rainbow.

When asked about the inspiration behind her new book, Eileen shared, “I wanted children to know the colors of the rainbow, and I decided to write a book about it.”

Eileen, who has authored 12 books, went on to add, “I’ve always enjoyed writing, and I had three children of my own. I used to read stories to them all the time. So, I decided that I would write some of the books myself and the one thing led to another, and I eventually started writing mysteries.”

Along with promoting her newest published book, Eileen is working on two other books; illustrating a children’s book and writing a new mystery novel.

While Eileen enjoys writing mystery novels, it is the children’s book that she feels is most impactful.

“Books are very important because when a child has a book in their hand, they can actually sit down quietly and be away from the world for a while. They can also really enjoy the pictures or the story, not have to worry about commercials and other things that are coming into view,” she explained. “I really think it’s a good idea for children to read. The better they read, the more they can accomplish, so reading is essential for children.”

All of Eileen’s books can be found and purchased on Amazon and Barnes & Nobles.

Books by Associate Eileen Foti
Books by Associate Eileen Foti


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