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We are the Sisters of Saint Dominic of Blauvelt, New York

As vowed women religious and Associates, we are committed to bringing hope and mercy to all in need through programs and advocacy.
We preach the Gospel of Jesus, in the spirit and tradition of Saint Dominic with the charism of our foundress, Mary Ann Sammon.
Our Dominican motto to praise, to bless, and to preach the Word of God inspires our lives of service, prayer, study, and community.
Today, professed Sisters and Associates are involved in education at all levels including colleges, secondary and elementary schools, and special education programs.

Our other ministries include healthcare, social service programs, services for children in foster care (including adoption services), programs for migrant children, shelters for homeless women and their children, housing services for persons with HIV/AIDS, and programs for the mentally ill and chemically addicted.

We also minister in community outreach programs that provide ESL and literacy education, and job training. We are active in social justice activities, retreat work, prayer ministry, and pastoral work in parishes and prisons.

We Are Sisters

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We Are Associates

We Are Associates

We Are Leaders

January 2019 - Diane Forrest, Ceil Lavan, Cely Byrnes, Pat Howell, Dorothy Maxwell at Rama

We Are Advocates

We Are Advocates

We Are Dominicans

We Are Community

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