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Scripture Reflection - December 22, 2019

Fourth Sunday of Advent

Sisters of Saint Dominic of Blauvelt Gospel Reflection for the Fourth Sunday of Advent

Isaiah 7:10-14 Romans 1:1- 7 Matthew 1:18-24

Love must be made flesh.

This is the great wisdom of God....this is the amazing responsibility entrusted to us by God...this is the quieting mystery to which we are invited by God.

Love must be made flesh.

It is a deep and on-going ​yearning within all of creation...the love of God poured out into the universe in a dizzying array of diversity, ​interdependence. and capacity for communion.

Love must be made flesh.

For it is the desire of our God to be in specific, intimate, evolving, nurturing, soul-expanding relationship with us.

And here is how Love was made flesh...

by inviting a young, betrothed woman to trust her experience of the holy and sacred

even when it put her in direct conflict with the values and mores of her people.

by asking an honorable, religious man to put Mary and the child she carried

before his religious sensibilities and to stand as a protector and partner of the one who was risking everything to do God's will by gracing the people seeking the sign of God-with-us so that they would lift their heads and notice that God is active and alive and close...

willing to radically change life so that others would be willing to change themselves!!

by standing with the poor and displaced so that societies

would have to consider, acknowledge and include them as the beloved of God.

Love must be made flesh.

It was true as the birth of Jesus unfolded.

It is true today... It is so desperately true today...

​that God is trying to become flesh through you and me.


How are you called to be Love made flesh?

How are you call to put the holy and sacred first in your life?

How are you called to protect and partner with the vulnerable?

How are you call to be the sign of God-with-us for those seeking and yearning?

How are you called to be the one in intimate relationship with the poor and displaced?

The challenge is to remember that the invitation, the guidance, the sign, and the action

of Love becoming flesh is not theoretical or abstract!

It is about being God-with-us for the people from

Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala seeking asylum at our Border,

It is about being God-with-us for the people

of Haiti living without a functioning government

of Palestine living in bombed out neighborhoods

of Yemen living in starvation and isolation

It is about being God-with-us each day, every day, in all moments!

It is about being…you being… God-with-us



Sister Didi Madden, OP


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