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Scripture Reflection - August 18, 2019

Sisters of Saint Dominic of Blauvelt, New York Scripture Reflection

“God drew me out of the pit of destruction.”

In today’s reading Jeremiah was literally thrown into the pit of destruction-“He will die of famine.” And he was saved. Psalm 40 today adds to this story of the saving love of God. “The Lord heard my cry. God drew me out of the pit of destruction.”

The pits of destruction are many in our world today. The Gospel centers on the family of all places, reminding us that “a household…will be divided” one against another. If we turn to the news of the day we see nation against nation, political parties not working together for the common good, walls being built, racism, sexism, ageism and violence. Sadly, we can go on and on and see not only division but also a sense of impasse, dismay, and worse still, accepting this as the norm.

On Thursday, July 17, the Chaplain, in the U.S. Congress, Fr. Patrick Conboy, SJ introduced his prayer saying: “This has been a difficult and contentious week in which darker spirits seem to have been at play.” And he prayed, “O God, in your name. Amen.” In an interview Chaplain Conboy said that he was inspired by a prayer from the traditional household blessings! Possibly some were awakened to a new consciousness and to a new Hope!

Sr. Cathy Howard, a Dominican Sister of Blauvelt, once wrote: “In this movement toward an evolving consciousness and a shift in our mindset, there is hope for oneness.” Hopefully we are moving toward what Jesuit and Scientist Teilhard de Chardin said , someday we shall “harness for God the energy of Love.” From our Catholic tradition Love is evidenced in a sense of dignity for all; working for the common good; a sense of solidarity; and justice for all. Forgiveness, both receiving and giving forgiveness, is key and is gift for the unity to overcome the divisions and the pits of destruction.

Pits of destruction and divisions are indeed with us. But let us not be stuck! The second reading of today encourages us to “not grow weary and lose heart”. There is an Energy of Love and indeed that is our God and our God living and working through each of us as we say Yes and move forward, first in our consciousness and then in our reality! Let it be so. Amen.

Sister Jo-Anne Faillace, OP


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