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Become a Blauvelt Dominican Associate

By Katie Beckmann Mahon, Communications Manager

This week’s “Embracing Faith” article will focus on Embracing Faith through Vocation.

Embracing Faith Through Vocation

“Live in harmony with one another.” -Romans 12:16

As we continue to move forward and transition back into regular life post-pandemic, many of us have found ourselves yearning for more group and community activities.

A program that can help one deepen their spiritual life through prayer, reflection, programs, and advocacy is the Blauvelt Dominican Associate Program.

The Blauvelt Dominican Associate Program gives women and men the opportunity to develop a relationship with the Sisters of Saint Dominic, share in the Congregation’s mission, and be connected to our community in a non-vowed way.

Along with attending Congregation gatherings, celebrations, retreats, and volunteer opportunities, the women and men of the Associate program will be introduced to the charism, vision, values, and mission of the Sisters of Saint Dominic while maintaining their lifestyles.

For Ellen Nash, the Blauvelt Dominican Associate Program has empowered her “to be a leader and openly share my spirituality.”

In a prior interview, Ellen reflected on her vocation as an Associate and shared, “The empowerment I feel is indescribable, and I’ve grown so much being a part of the Associate Program. I know that I matter and that I always have the support of the Blauvelt congregation, as well as the entire international Dominican family.”

Associates supported each other throughout the past year by gathering weekly via Zoom to check-in and spend time in prayer and study while reflecting on Scripture and world challenges.

Eileen Foti, another Blauvelt Dominican Associate, praised the program and its members and shared, “It’s good to be an associate because you meet a lot of people, and it’s important that we take care of each other, give back, and volunteer.”

If you have any questions about the vocation process to become an Associate, visit


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