Embracing Faith Through Community: Making Masks at Marion Woods

By Katie Beckmann Mahon, Communications Manager

This week’s “Embracing Faith” article will focus on Embracing Faith through Community.

“How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!” -Psalm 133:1

During this time of fear and uncertainty, several Sisters of Saint Dominic of Blauvelt residing at Marion Woods in Hartsdale, New York, have been keeping busy while being quarantined.

Sisters Catherine Burns, Rose Andrew Egan, Dorothy Hall, Patsy Lardner, Kathy O’Hanlon, and Beverly Vetrano, have been working together, along with other Marion Woods residents to make protective face masks.

Sisters Patsy Lardner, Dorothy Hall, Kathy O'Hanlon, Beverly Vetrano, Catherine Burns, and Rose Andrew Egan

With shortages of face masks in the tri-state area, these sisters have been actively stepping up to do their part during the coronavirus pandemic.

“We’ve made over 100 masks already,” shared Sr. Kathy O’Hanlon. “Our Kitchen, Health Care, and Administrative Staff (at Marion Woods) have been using them.”

Using sewing material and other crafts, left over from previous projects, these sisters have been working diligently to make face masks.

While some sisters may trace and cut fabric, others will cut elastic, then put it between the multiple layers of fabric.

Sisters have also been stitching material with sewing machines, then ironing and making the folds in the masks.

After completing these steps, the finished masks were then washed in hot water and dried in a dryer.

As many healthcare workers, first responders, and essential workers struggle to get the necessary items needed to treat coronavirus patients and serve others, while protecting themselves, it is crucial to step up, like these sisters have done, and contribute however you can.

To learn how to make a face mask, click here.

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