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Scripture Reflection - September 30, 2018

Daniel 3:29, 30, 31 Numbers 11:25-29 Mark 9:38-43

Scripture Reflection

Jesus is confronted with an in-group mentality when his disciple, John, complained about an “outsider” who performed a miracle in God’s name. John’s discomfort regarding contact with non-Israelites mirrored the coldness of the Pharisees, while Jesus’ comfort was evident as he taught, healed, offered conversation, and complimented the Roman centurion’s great faith.

To all, believe the Good News. It is the seed of your faith, and that is the cornerstone of God’s reign. God awaits your acceptance of eternal life.

The prophet Micah also shared, “Is not Yahweh in our midst?” and Shadrach, Meshack and Abednego, while in Babylon, stood in the fiery furnace with Yahweh. They were not abandoned, but yet three devout men stood within an inferno. Called out, unscathed, by king Nebuchadnezzar, he called them servants of the Highest God.

In the readings, Yahweh told Moses to bring seventy elders to the Tent of the Meeting. Eldad and Medad remain in camp. Presented within a Cloud, Yahweh granted prophecy to seventy-two men. Joshua objects. Moses grasped Yahweh’s intent. It is to share Moses burden of leadership with his compatriots. God is sensitive to our burdens, as we travel the wilderness of life.

What burdens shall you hand over to God today?

Joanne Roda, Associate


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