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Scripture Reflection - September 19, 2021

Sisters of Saint Dominic of Blauvelt, New York Scripture Reflection

What is it in the human heart that allowed the disciples of Jesus to be in the purity of His presence, the wisdom of His teaching, and power of His love and then argue about who was going to be greater? What blinds us to the truth of Love and causes us to settle for the mundane and mediocre? The early disciples did it and we do it too.

Purity of Jesus’ Presence

In today’s Gospel story we meet Jesus the teacher fully invested in bringing deep truth to the minds and hearts of his followers. This full investment is the purity of love and presence that God showers upon us in each moment of our lives. Our God is not distracted, measuring, bargaining, or negotiating. Jesus as the fullness of total presence, absolute commitment, perfect attunement to our strengths and weaknesses opens for us the way to be in relationship fully with Divine love and in each relationship we have. The was and is the purity of Jesus’ presence!

Wisdom of Jesus’ Teaching

In today’s Gospel story we come face to face with the wisdom of innocence and trust in God as a curative for the shallow worries of life that sometimes overwhelm us. Be like children before your God, see others as children before God. Reach for what Gods values and put aside the narrow and self-serving aspirations that cause division and pain. Embrace the suffering that sometimes comes in standing in the truth of God’s unfolding vision of love and union. And trust, always trust that God will receive us. This was and is the wisdom of Jesus’ teaching!

Power of Jesus’ Love

In today’s Gospel story we experience Jesus accepting and challenging the foibles of his followers. Jesus does not shame, he challenges. Jesus does not demand, he beckons with a greater truth. Jesus does not ask for rigid conformity, he invites an opening of the heart and mind. Jesus trusts in the ebb and flow of relationship rooted in love, committed to growth, and yearning for fulfillment. This was and is the power of Jesus’ live!

I know that there are times when I am seduced by self-effort and fail to turn to God seeking grace, guidance and inspiration. When I become overly focused on MY wants, plans, and schemes. Is it the same for you? These are the moments of my life that are dull, conflict-ridden, stagnating, and filled with ego. I hate these moments and the shame and sorrow that they bring. Is it the same for you?

How painful the process of re-orienting myself to the purity, wisdom, and power of Jesus and aligning myself once again with God’s will over my own. Does this resonate with you? How energized, free, and generous I feel and become when I yield and rest in God. How purposeful my life feels in responding to God’s call to love and service. Is it the same for you?

This week let’s immerse ourselves in the purity, wisdom, and power of the one whom we love and hold at the center of our lives. Let us rest in the immensity of God’s love and trust in the persuasive nature of God’s beckoning. We do this by…

Practicing patience and understanding

Pausing and soaking in the beauty of creation

Opening our heart to those we have named as unworthy

Praising instead of complaining

Forgiving rather than judging

Praying for the sufferings of the world that are beyond our reach

Working to ease the suffering and burdens of those within our reach

Loving and being kind and attentive to the needs of others.

Listening, always listening for God….

Sr. Didi Madden, OP


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