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Scripture Reflection - November 27, 2022

First Sunday of Advent

Isaiah 21:1-5; Romans 13: 11-14; Matthew 24: 37-44

Sisters of Saint Dominic of Blauvelt, New York Scripture Reflection

We have just finished preparing for and celebrating the feast of Thanksgiving. Now, on the First Sunday of Advent, we are called again to get ready for the Birth of Christ, the Prince of Peace. Our readings on this Sunday all call for us to be awake – to be ready – not to be unprepared. The night that Jesus was born, the angels sang of peace on earth. Where do we find peace? Are we not called to find that peace when we nurture our relationship with God and others?

Besides striving to cultivate peace within ourselves, what else do we need to be ready for the birth of Christ? What can we do that may be over and above the usual? Who or what can we invite into our personal space to enable us to better “walk in the light of the Lord?” We have four weeks, one month, as Paul tells us to acknowledge that “salvation is nearer to us now …let us put on the armor of light.” If we become people of peace, we shall see the light and enjoy a wonderful Christmas.

And so we pray, grant us, gracious God, the ability to be peace seekers and to prepare ourselves in the best way to meet the Christ Child on Christmas Day. Amen.

-Sr. Barbara Werner, OP


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