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Scripture Reflection - December 9, 2018

Second Sunday of Advent

Baruch 5:1-9 + Philippians 1:4-6, 8-11 + Luke 3:1-6

Repair and Prepare!

Scripture Reflection

A recent Thanksgiving Day card was shared with me and, after reading it, I reflected upon the anonymous writer’s message. I came to the realization that this writer must have been a dear friend of its recipient for this message revealed an impressed vulnerability, a deep sense of humility as well as an expression of great love and immeasurable gratitude. After reading this card’s message once more, I recognized that this anonymous writer’s message spoke eloquently to the messages proclaimed by the Prophet Baruch, Saint Paul, and John the Baptist in our Scripture readings today. Reflect as I did on the writer’s sentiment below.

“You have a special way of putting care into action,

and I must share with you, that because of your most

sincere interest and gentle compassion and, most importantly,

your prayers of healing, that I will soon depart.

I am now on my way for needed repairs and recovery.

I ask that you continue your prayers for I am preparing for a better life,

a life once misguided, now worth living.”

I cannot say why I had been so intrigued and moved by this Thanksgiving card, but I am fortunate to have been captivated by it just the same. I would be remiss, if I did not express my own gratitude for this anonymous writer’s shared words, for to me, they are a gift. They have given me an example to the embodiment of the directives given by Baruch and John the Baptist. Out of personal darkness and despair, you (our writer) rose to a greater sense of purpose. You have pointed your life in a new direction destined for recovery. You have personified the words of John the Baptist by preparing for this journey allowing God’s Light to shine brightly on its path; a path much straighter than its present one, despite unknown trials and suffering that may lie ahead.

REPAIR and PREPARE. Two simple words that define great determination, persistence, and diligence for this Advent Season.

Sister Kathy Logan, O.P.

Dominican Sisters of Sparkill


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