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Embracing Faith Through Self-Care: Spiritual Habits for the new School Year

By Katie Beckmann, Communications Manager

This week’s “Embracing Faith” article will focus on Embracing Faith through Self-Care.

Embracing Faith

As the trips to the beach start to wind down and the back-to-school sales begin to ramp up, one thing is for certain: the new school year is upon us.

While some may be excited to return to the classroom, others may be dreading it, as the new school year brings additional stress to our lives.

Between homework, sports practices, after school clubs, and social activities, students and their families often feel like there is not enough time for anything, especially their spiritual self-care and faith.

During the school year, opportunities to be close to God, praying and attending Sunday Mass start to feel more like a chore than a blessing.

Focusing on your spiritual self-care is crucial to having a good school year. When one is strong, spiritually, and mentally, handling other obstacles and commitments, becomes much easier.

Here are three spiritual self-care habits to help you have a successful school year:

1. Pray when you first wake up in the morning: Having a conversation with God each morning and telling God one thing that you are thankful for is a very easy thing to do while laying in bed and in between pressing the snooze button. Daily morning prayer will make a big difference in your outlook and spiritual self-care.

2. Focus on gratitude this year: God gives us many blessings, and the ability to receive an education is one of them. If you or your child has the mindset of “I have to go to school and after-school activities,” change that mindset to “I get to go to school, get an education, and participate in after-school activities.” This simple change will do wonders for your mindset!

3. Designate no technology time: Spiritual self-care can be drastically improved when we put down our devices and turn off the televisions. Even though we rely on our devices to help dictate our schedules and function throughout the day, you can designate an hour each day for no technology time. Being able to digitally detox for an hour a day will help you be more productive and be able to focus on your faith and spiritual self-care.

Do you have any tips for focusing on your spiritual self-care during the school year? Comment below and share them.


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