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Called To Act - October 2016

Called To Act - October 2016

The Best Democracy Money Can Buy

I recently had the opportunity to view a film called "The Best Democracy Money Can Buy."  While it isn't in theaters in our area, the film will be out on DVD and On Demand on October 18th.  Please view it and let your friends know about it before the November elections.

Greg Palast is an investigative reporter for the BBC and Rolling Stone. In his film he uncovers the 'billionaire bandits' behind Crosscheck, a program designed to steal the votes of a million people of color before the November election.

The film is a real-life detective story, which includes cartoon animations, secret documents, hidden cameras, and help from celebrities you may recognize. The film exposes the dark plans of the 'uber-rich' to steal America's democracy.

According to Gasland's Josh Fox: Once you have this information, you know, you have to pass it on. There's a particular kind of outrage that I think only the work of Greg Palast can evoke. It is the outrage that when we realize that our democracy is being taken away from us and that there isn't anyone in the mainstream media aside from Greg Palast reporting on this with any reliability or accuracy or passion or intelligence - and that is itself a crime.

As many as one million may lose their right to vote by this November. Tens of thousands of voters have already been purged in a single state by using the Crosscheck system. Civil Rights leader, Rev Joseph Lowery, says of  Crosscheck, "This is Jim Crow all over again."

View the trailer to find out how Crosscheck works, and then scroll down to sign the petition. Click here: Petition to release the names on the "Crosscheck" voter purge list. Sister Ceil Lavan, O.P.


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