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How to Keep the Faith This School Year

By Maria Bohan

Keeping faith during the school year

The academic year is often the most trying season for families—and for their faith.

Between mind-boggling homework assignments, soccer practice, tutoring sessions, and college applications, it seems like there’s barely enough time to eat, let alone go to mass.

While there is no one-size-fits-all way to keep the faith, these tips may help you keep God at the forefront of you and your family’s lives.

1. Be Positive at Dinner—or wherever

After the commotion of the day, it’s important to take stock of the good—big or small—that God sent your way. At the dinner table, in the car, or at bedtime, spend a minute remembering one positive thing that happened, and thank God for facilitating it.

2. Spend the Commute or Carpool Thinking About your Faith

According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, Americans spend an average of 17,600 minutes driving each year. 1 Why not use that time to reconnect with God? You could say a decade of the rosary, listen to an audiobook version of the Bible or another faith-related book, or listen to a faith-based podcast. Check out these thought-provoking podcasts from Father Dave Dwyer at Busted Halo here.

3. Don’t Hit the Snooze Button—Meditate

As great as sleep is, an extra five minutes of it will not make or break your day. Instead of snoozing your alarm, try lying quietly in bed before you start your day. You can use this newfound time to pray, meditate, or simply think about the day ahead. This mindful time will help you get centered for the busy day ahead.

4. Try a Daily Devotional Book or App

If there’s time for Netflix, there’s time to complete a daily devotion. Daily devotions are spiritual readings meant to inspire you and remind you of God’s presence in your life. There are beautiful books available for adults and children (view the bestsellers on Amazon here) or even apps—just search “daily devotional” on the app store and choose one that works for you.

5. Stay Active in Nature

Staying active can do wonders for our health, mentally and physically. Being active outside can be doubly beneficial—for you and for your faith. Seeing the beauty of God’s creation around you will help you feel good, and remind you that God’s love surrounds you wherever you go. You’ll be ready to take on whatever comes your way at work or at home.

If you have any tips for staying faithful during the school year, please share them in the comments!

Maria Bohan is a Volunteer for the Communications and Development Office at the Sisters of Saint Dominic of Blauvelt, New York. She is a student at Bryn Mawr College majoring in English and a graduate of Pearl River High School.


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